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The team at Insurance Link Otago offers expert insurance advice on a free, no-obligation basis. We take the time to understand your needs and goals, putting together a plan tailored to you and your circumstances, to help you through the different stages of your life. As the sister company of Mortgage Link Otago, our insurance and mortgage teams work closely together meaning we share responsibility for our clients’ satisfaction, we are your one stop shop for financial services.

Life Insurance

Life Cover provides a lump-sum payment in the event of your death: it provides financial stability for your loved ones to help manage debt and expenses, and to support the future lifestyle for the family.

Trauma Insurance

While causing significant challenges, the majority of illnesses do not result in death. Trauma Cover provides a lump sum payment which can assist to cover income loss, debt and other personal costs.

Income Protection

Income Protection Cover is a monthly benefit designed to replace your income should you endure a total or partial disability, which leaves you to be unable to earn your regular income. Helpful financial assistance to help you manage expenses and debt.

Medical Insurance

There are many types of Medical Insurance – from covering doctors bills to protection for surgery and specialists and everything in between. Your health is everything and having Medical Insurance can help you get the treatment you need, without creating financial stress.

Disability Insurance

Total Permanent Disability Insurance, otherwise known as TPD, provides a lump sum should you be unable to work – permanently – due to an accident or serious illness.

Mortgage Protection

Mortgage Protection Insurance is intended to cover your mortgage repayments should you lose your income due to an illness, accident, or death (some policies also have a redundancy option).

If a key person in your company became incapacitated would you still be able to operate in the same way? If the answer is NO then it is well worth investing in Key Person Insurance.

Want to attract and keep the best staff in your business? A group scheme is an amazing way to do this at a relatively low cost to your company.  

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